I live in Ljungskile on the west coast of Sweden. My main interest are behavior, learning and animal welfare, and currently I spend some of my time in Töreboda (Sötåsen Agricultular Highschool) working on a project on behavior management with their smaller animials, staff and students.

I consider myself really lucky, with animal behavior and welfare being both my passion and my profession. Lecturing and coaching is almost as fun as getting to work directly with the animals 🙂 Mostly I’ve been working with dogs, dog owners and dog training instructors, but nowadays I’m increasingly working with behavior management in other species (mostly pets and zoo animals), and with human learners of course.

I used to work as a teacher (middle school and high school), but giving seminars and writing the agility book eventually took up too much of my time and since 2006 I’ve been working full time in Carpe Momentum. I’m also a board member in the Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis (www.swaba.se).

Animals have always been an important part of my life, and I was fortunate to grow up with cats, rabbits and horses. Together with beautiful Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Sickan I entered the Swedish Working Dog Club in 1992. We got involved in competitive training right away, first and foremost obedience but also some agility, tracking and other activities.

In 1993 phalène Misty, aka  Her Royal Highness :-),  entered my life.  A phenomenal personality, obedience competitor and agility star (including winning the Swedish Nationals in 1998 and competing in the World Championships twice), she stayed with me until the honorable age of 18,5. 

Misty’s son Soya (1998-2016) has also had an active agility life; in addition, he has competed in as different venues as blood tracking and lure coursing. Since age 13 he was living a life in luxury with my cousin Karin, where he had been thrilled to get a a new carreer in freestyle (retired at 16…) <3

Currently living with me is “just” border collie Tizla (born – 06), who doesn’t have many competitive merits to brag about but instead spends her time teaching me a thing or two about behavior, welfare and everyday life skills. In addition, we of course endulge in play and training just for fun!

So for a long time period I competed most every weekend. Currently that’s replaced by giving seminars and workshops – and to my surprise, that actually gives a similar kick 🙂

I have a blog,  but it’s unfortunately mostly in Swedish.  There is however a series of posts in English on “dealing with mistakes”, starting here: https://djurtranarskolan.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/what-do-i-do-when-my-animal-makes-a-mistake-part-1-intro/