Carpe Momentum is the collaboration between us, Emelie Johnson Vegh and Eva Bertilsson. We reside in Sweden: Emelie lives in Malmö in the south, and Eva 400 kilometer further north, in Ljungskile on the west coast.

Our aim is to aid people in their attempts to aquire knowledge and skills in science-based, modern, humane and empowering teaching strategies, for the benefit of learners of all species.

We offer seminars, workshops, lectures and consultations in the following areas:

  • scout på lådaDOGS AND THEIR PEOPLE –   for instructors and dog trainers.  We especially work with pets and sport
    dogs; agility, obedience, rally obedience, et c. One of our specialities is to coach trainers in honing the details within a training session; appreciated by dog trainers of all specialities.  We also teach general principles of behavior and learning.  We of course also offer agility seminars, correlating with our book Agility Right From The Start.
  • HUMAN LEARNERS – TAGteach and more. TAGbadge level 3We are both level 3 certified TAGteachers and offer TAGteach introductory lectures,
    TAGteach Primary Certification Seminars, and TAGteach consultations.  We also offer more general seminars on human learning and how to apply positive reinforcement techniques with human learners (be it oneself, or others).
  • BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT AND ANIMAL WELFARE – for caregivers, students of animal care, teachers, and others. Eva offers lectures, seminars, workshops and consultations on applying behavioral strategies for enhanced welfare and safe handling, including training with positive reinforcement. a

For more information, please contact us at info @

Upcoming events where we will be lecturing are listed under AKTUELLT SCHEMA

Other things we do:

Since 2010 we are proud to be part of the faculty at Clicker Expo, and since then we’ve travelled to the US twice each year to teach at this amazing event – and to in turn learn more, from other faculty and participants alike. We are also part of the annual European Clicker Expo. Several of our past Expo sessions can be purchased online at

We have written a book, Agility Right From the Start, which despite the name has a lot to offer also to those with no interest in agility 🙂 We are also contributing authors on various subjects in Scandinavian magazine Canis, and sometimes in other magazines. Many of our articles can be found under ARTIKLAR.

Occasionally we also arrange seminars with our favorite teachers. Some late examples are: Clive Wynne, Susan Friedman, Ken Ramirez, Theresa McKeon, Kathy Sdao and Susan Schneider.

You are always welcome to contact us at: