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  1. Terry Heil skriver:

    Hi Emelie and Eva!
    I just purchased your book and am reading abut your amazing training program. There is one thing i want to know: do you ever just relax and hang out with your dogs, or are all of your interactions high level, intense agility training? When you say to put your dog in a crate if you are not working with it, is that just during the training session or is that all the time? Thank you for sharing your knowledge through your wonderful book and your website.
    Sincerely, Terry Heil

    • carpe_ee skriver:

      Hi Terry,
      we’re really happy you enjoy the book! And thank you for your question. When we say we put the dog in the crate when not working, that is during training sessions. Most of the time we spend with our dogs is actually relaxed hanging-out time :-) The trainers’ cap stays on, though, insofar that we continously pay attention to what the dogs do and learns throughout the day – but the high level lintense training interactions definitely make out a minor part of our lives with our dogs.
      Eva & Emelie