I live with my family in Malmö in the very south of Sweden. I’m educated in the Nordic languages, children’s literatur, education,  and I have a degree as a high school teacher in English and Swedish.

I began riding at a young age, but in 1989 I was introduced to the world of dogs and dog sports via a friend’s mother. I had the wonderful opportunity to borrow a Labrador called Kicki, and with her I embarked my life loving dogs. We begun training together in the youth club and in 1990 my Nilla came into my life. Together we enjoyed so many things with the youth club and we also competed successfully in obedience, agility and flyball. I’ve also been lucky to share my life with three Border terrier ladies – Flox, My and Gaia. Currently I share my life with a Kelpie named Scout, because she’s always prepared :) We compete mostly in obedience and rally obedience, but enjoy freestyle, agility and mushing too. I also love to run, do multisport and yoga.

I made my debut as an author of fiction during the spring of 2013 with my novel Sinnesro (Serenity). Unfortunately only in Swedish yet, though…




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